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75V Trench MOSFET Handles 42V Auto Apps

The FDB06AN08A1 UltraFET Trench MOSFET is designed for high-current starter/alternator, electronic power steering, electric braking, valve timing and other 42V automotive battery applications requiring full device capability at low gate drive voltages. As mechanical systems are replaced with electronics, the increase in automobile power requirements has prompted the transition from the traditional 12V to a 42V battery to limit current requirements and control wire size and cost. This new 75V FET is designed specifically for these systems that will begin to appear in new car models as early as 2003. The FDB06AN08A1 N-Channel trench MOSFET features ultra-low RDS(on) (6.3 milliohms max. at room temperature), 75V breakdown voltage, 175°C maximum junction temperature, an internal gate resister and unclamped inductive surge capability for single and repetitive pulses. It costs $3.20 each/1,000.


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TAGS: Automotive
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