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8-Mb SRAM Blends High Speed And Low Power

The demand for high-speed, low-power devices is increasing. Stepping up to the plate to fill this demand is ISSI. The company recently introduced an 8-Mb, high-speed, asynchronous-monolithic backward-compatible SRAM. This device comes in several packages, including a TSOP that is compatible with the industry-standard 4-Mb SRAM (with the exception of the extra address line). For added flexibility, it is available in x16 and x8 configurations.

Both the x16 (IS61LV51216) and x8 (IS61LV10248) options flaunt a number of impressive features. These include high performance with high-speed access times of 8 ns, low power consumption with a typical operating current of 90 mA, and a typical standby current that is under 5 mA. Both options operate in the 3.3-V range.

The x16 and x8 asynchronous SRAMs are each fabricated using high-performance 0.15-µm CMOS technology. This highly reliable process, when coupled with innovative circuit-design techniques, yields high-performance and low-power-consumption devices.

Targeted for applications in the networking/broadband, digital-consumer, mobile-communications, and automotive markets, these devices promise to provide customers with the high speed and low power that they demand. Other applications well suited for these devices are voice over IP (VoIP), wireless local-area networking (WLAN), telecom, POS terminals, and other handheld applications.

The x16 and x8 SRAM are now available. Volume production of both devices will begin in the second quarter of this year. In quantities of 10,000, the 8-Mb SRAM is priced at $11.95. The x16 (IS61LV51216) is available in both 48-ball mBGA and 44-pin TSOPII JEDEC standard packages. The x8 (IS61LV10248) is available in 48-ball and 36-ball mBGA, as well as 44-pin TSOPII JEDEC standard packages.

Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc.
2231 Lawson Ln., Santa Clara, CA 95054; (408) 588-0800, FAX: (408) 588-0805, www.issi.com.

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