900-V IGBTs Tackle Hard-Switching Power-Conversion Apps

900-V IGBTs Tackle Hard-Switching Power-Conversion Apps

IXYS’s XPT 900-V insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs), with current ratings ranging from 20 to 310 A, achieve a balance between turn-off energy loss and on-state voltage to serve high-speed, hard-switching power-conversion applications. By supporting switching frequencies up to 50 kHz, they allow smaller and lighter components to be used in system designs. The devices, leveraging the company’s XPT technology and GenX3 third-generation IGBT process, deliver reduced thermal resistance, low tail current, low energy loss, and high-speed switching capability. In addition to being avalanche rated, the IGBTs feature square “reverse bias safe operating areas” (RBSOA) up to the breakdown voltage of 900 V. Such ruggedness is required in snubberless hard-switching applications. Optional co-packed diodes in Sonic-FRD or HiPerFRED technology reduce turn-off losses and suppress ringing oscillations to produce smooth switching waveforms and lowered electromagnetic interference. Due to the diodes’ soft-recovery characteristics, the IGBTs can be switched on at very high rates of change in current (di/dt). Low gate charge and a positive on-state voltage temperature coefficient create lower gate-drive requirements and multiple device paralleling capability. Packaging options include the TO-220, TO-247, PLUS247, TO-252, TO-263, TO-264, TO-268, and SOT-227.


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