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Alliance To Standardize High-Performance DC-DC Converters

Two power electronics heavyweights, Tyco Power Electronics Systems and SynQor, have joined forces to form the Distributed-Power Open Standards Alliance (DOSA). The new alliance's aim is to ensure the compatibility and standardization of future dc-dc converters in an increasingly fragmented power-converter market.

Under the terms of the alliance, the two companies will independently develop dc-dc converters with pin-for-pin compatibility, identical form factors, and functionally equivalent feature sets. This will guarantee end users the benefits of true second-sourcing options.

Tyco recently announced Austin Lynx II point-of-load converters (POLs) that will be the first to address the alliance's requirements. DOSA also will align future product roadmaps, including a new sixteenth-brick converter. Other requirements to be developed include high-current quarter-brick pinout designs, output voltage sequencing for POL modules in the Austin Lynx II module form factor, and a consensus for standards on surface-mount technology and lead-free (no pb) initiatives.

"The alliance will bring efficiencies to customers and will provide them with a choice, which will allow them to innovate," says Mickey Miller, Tyco Power Electronics' vice president.

The Point Of Load Alliance (POLA), a similar group formed several months ago, has been limited to licensed customers.

"POLA has not offered 'total' solutions," explains Sabi Varma, vice president for Tyco Power Electronics marketing and business operations.

"If the controller goes down, then the POLA standard becomes useless," says Joe Coupal, executive give president for sales and marketing at SynQor.

According to Varma, about five other companies have asked to join DOSA since its formation on February 2.

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