Electronic Design

Analog & Power: 100-V Buck Bias Regulator Operates At Up To 90% Efficiency

With its integrated 100-V, 500-mA n-channel power MOSFET, the LM5008 buck bias regulator offers all of the functions needed to implement a compact, efficient bias power supply. It sports efficiencies of up to 90% and is used to step down a primary-side distributed voltage bus (up to 100-V input). Also, it produces a low-voltage (12-V typical) bias supply for primary-side control and drive devices. It includes an integrated wide-range, 9.5- to 95-V startup bias regulator and intelligent current-limit timers. Pricing for the MSOP-8 or eight-pin LLP is $1.15 each in lots of 1000.

National Semiconductor Corp.

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