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Analog & Power: Compact Telecom Power System Churns Out Up To 100 A

Housed in a 2RU high (3.47 in.), 19-in. rack system, the Gravitas X100 dc power system will find homes in a variety of telecom applications. It consists of three high-density, hot-swap rectifier modules, a monitor and control section, and a dc power-distribution section. Maximum system output is 60 A at −54.4 V dc, 99 A at 27.2 V dc, or 100 A at 13.6 V dc. In redundant mode, the output currents are 40, 66, and 50 A, respectively. The dc distribution section can be configured with up to five load circuits protected by circuit breakers, GMT fuses, or a combination of the two. Base systems start at $930 each. Rectifier modules start at $480. Delivery is in one week.

Unipower Telecom

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