Electronic Design

Analog & Power: Controller/Driver Chip Set Powers Next-Generation CPUs

Two ICs lie at the heart of a complete VRM/VRD10.x power system that meets the stringent needs of next-generation CPUs. The FAN5019, a multiphase pulse-width modulation (PWM) controller, and the FAN5009, a dual, high-frequency MOSFET driver, allow the regulator to scale from two, three, or four phases. Together, they combine a 12-V main supply into a highly accurate core supply voltage. The chips deliver up to 140 A for the CPU core from a 12-V input. A highly stable, high-speed control loop meets transient load requirements with a minimum of external components. Prices are $1.39 each for the FAN5019 and $0.60 each for the FAN5009, both in lots of 1000. Delivery is in eight weeks.

Fairchild Semiconductor Corp.

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