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Analog & Power: Point-Of-Load Converters Mesh With Standard Format

Fully compatible with the Point-Of-Load Alliance's recently announced form, fit, and function standards, the ATH series of dc-dc converters includes units that supply from 6 A to 30 A of output. The converters feature the company's AutoTrack sequencing technology, which enables the non-isolated modules to track each other or any external control voltage. As a result, multiple modules can be powered up and down in sequence with no external circuitry. The single-output units convert a 3.3-, 5-, or 12-V input to adjustable output voltages from 0.8 V to 5.5 V. Prices start at $9 each for the 6-A model and range to $23.50 each for the 30-A model.

Astec Power

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