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Analog/Power: High-Voltage MOSFETs Serve Switch-Mode Supplies And PFC Tasks

Two high-voltage MOSFETs significantly reduce system power losses, increasing efficiency in switch-mode power-supply and power-factor-correction (PFC) applications. The FCP11N60 and FCPF11N60 feature low figures of merit (FOM = RDS(ON) × Qgd), as well as di/dt of 1430 A/µs maximum. Both MOSFETs additionally offer ultra-low RDS(ON) of 0.32 Ω typical and low effective output capacitance of 35 nC typical. The FCP11N60 and FCPF11N60 come in TO-220 and TO-220F packages, respectively. Prices start at $3.04 each for the TO-220 and $3.19 each for the TO-220F in quantities of 1000 with delivery in 16 weeks.

Fairchild Semiconductor

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