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Battery Charger Provides Dual Input

Battery Charger Provides Dual Input

Via two inputs, the API9221 lithium ion/polymer battery charger enables USB host and DC adaptor connections, delivering charge currents in accordance with the USB standard or up to 1.2A, respectively. The inputs can withstand a maximum voltage of 28V and the IC will suspend charging when the input voltage exceeds 5.4V on the USB input or 6.9V on the dc-adaptor input. Outputs also feature reverse-current protection. Other features include a bypass LDO regulator, thermal regulation and protection, an industry-standard CC/CV charging algorithm, and a 1% error across the device’s operating temperature range. Price for the API9221 is $0.93 each/1,000. DIODES INC., Westlake Village, CA. (805) 446-4800.


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