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BiMOSFETs Overcome MOSFETs' Limits

The BiMOSFET family of power devices is fabricated with a process that produces a high-voltage, homogeneous base device that overcomes the on-resistance limitations of high-voltage MOSFETs and the switching speed limitations of IGBTs. This class of switch can replace multiple MOSFETs connected in series to achieve a blocking voltage of up to 1600V. The effective high temperature (125°C) on-resistance of the IXBH15N160 is 0.889 ohms, which is 80% lower than conventional 1000V MOSFETs. The device's 40-ns fall time allows operation in circuits switching at up to 50 kHz. BiMOSFETs are for applications in switched-mode power supplies, CRT deflection circuits, radar pulse modulators, capacitor discharge circuits, and other high-voltage conversion circuits. IXBH15N160, a 15A/1600V device with a 5.8V forward drop, and IXBH15N140, a 15A/1400V part with 5.8V forward drop, both come in TO-247 packaging.

Company: IXYS CORP.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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