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Blue Laser Diode Driver Helps To Pump Up Device Data Storage Capacity

Said to represent the first driver for violet/blue laser diodes, the EL6250C chip is expected to help provide a dramatic increase in the data storage capability of CD-ROMs, VCRs, camcorders, PDAs, set-top boxes, and video games, as well as rewritable devices, such as HDTV-capable DVDs. Currently, a DVD can hold about 4.7 GB. Writing with a blue laser will increase that amount to approximately 20 GB. With a double-sided, dual level CD, the blue laser can pack into the same space the equivalent of nearly 100 CDs written with an infrared laser. The blue laser also operates on a short wavelength, creating a more concentrated beam of light that can focus on a smaller spot size.The driver operates from two discrete supply voltagesÑthe internal logic operates from a 5V supply, while the blue laser diode threshold of 5V requires the output stage to run at greater than 6V. This allows the IC to minimize power consumption while it drives the blue laser. The EL6250C driver also integrates the write channels needed for the read, erase, bias and write laser drive power levels, as well as integrating a high frequency modulator oscillator with high-speed laser driver output. In a 24-pin QSOP package, the chip costs $3.60 each/10,000.


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