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Bluetooth Power Amps Claim To Be Industry's Smallest

Claiming to be the industry's smallest power amplifiers for Class 1 Bluetooth applications, the PA2423L and PA2423G measure just 3 mm x 1.6 mm and 0.96 mm x 0.63 mm, respectively. The PA2423G comes in a gold-bumped flip chip package and the PA2423L comes in a six-lead LPCC. Both amplifiers deliver an output of +22.dBm with 45% power-added efficiency when operated in class AB mode. They are also said to be able to overcome insertion losses up to 2,5 dB between the amplifier output and the antenna input. Prices for the PA2423L and PA2423G are $1.44 and $1.50, respectively, each/10,000. SIGE SEMICONDUCTOR INC., San Jose, CA.


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