Electronic Design

Boost DC-DC Converter Switches At 4.5 MHz

A 1.5-A stepup dc-dc converter, the LT1310, operates at switching frequencies as high as 4.5 MHz, enabling its use with tiny external passives. An on-chip PLL allows precise control of the switching frequency to limit switching noise, and the converter may be operated in either phase-locked or free-running modes.

Offered as a 10-pin MSOP, the chip converts a 2.75- to 18-V input to an output up to 35 V. Rated for a 1.5-A switch current, the device exhibits a voltage drop of 240 mV at 1 A. In converting 5 to 12 V, it delivers 400 mA with up to 85% efficiency.

Pricing starts at $2.85 each per 1000.

Linear Technology Corp.
(800) 4-LINEAR; www.linear.com

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