Boost Regulators Support Different Display Sizes With Same Pinout

Boost Regulators Support Different Display Sizes With Same Pinout

AMS’s AS1345 step-up dc-dc regulator series maintains high efficiency in power supplies designed for displays in mobile products. Power-circuit design is reusable across various products with different display sizes—the AS1345 supports OLED displays size from 130 to 3700 mm2. Four variants have different peak coil current limits of 100, 200, 350 and 500mA. Output voltage also can be selected, with fixed-output versions available at 12, 15 and 17V, and adjustable versions configurable between 5 and 18V. All variants share the same pinout and 2mm-by-2mm footprint. A high-frequency hysteretic control loop operates with very small external components, and integrated MOSFETs assist with power and isolation switching. Input voltage ranges from 2.9 to 5.0V, and 20mA at 18V can be supplied from a single Li-ion battery. Low quiescent current of 25µA is typical, and the devices may be disconnected from the battery in shutdown mode.

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