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Buck Converter Targets Satellites, Web Phones

The Si9167BQ, an integrated synchronous buck-converter IC capable of delivering up to 600 mA, can power baseband and PA circuitry in satellite and web phones, as well as other systems powered by two-cell lithium-ion batteries. The device operates at frequencies up to 2 MHz and, when used with the company's IHLP2525 inductor, the complete package measures 1.8-mm high with output capacitance requirements of less than 10 µF and peak-to-peak output ripple as low as 10 mV.Other features of the buck converter include an efficiency of 95% typical under full load, a 100% duty cycle in both PSM and full-power PWM modes, and on-chip p-channel high-side andn-channel low-side switches optimized for high-frequency operation. The Si9167BQ chip comes housed in a TSSOP-20 package.


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