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Buck Regulator Delivers 3A In A Miniscule Package

The newest member of the company’s SuperSwitcher family is a 3A, 200 kHz, PWM buck regulator housed in a 7-lead SPAK package. The package’s footprint is 36% smaller than the commonly used TO-263 (D2PAK). The device boasts of a wide input voltage range of 4V to 34V and an output voltage adjustable down to 1.25V. The regulator has an efficiency of over 85% and is said to be ideal for applications where space and efficiency are critical. A low junction-to-case thermal impedance of 2.2°C/W enables the device to provide more than 3A of continuous output current without a heatsink. In many applications, the MIC4685 can replace regulators in D2PAK and TO-220 packages, the company says. Applications include distributed power designs, LCD and point-of-load power supplies, and battery chargers. The MIC4685BM is priced at $2.85 each/ 1,000. MICREL SEMICONDUCTOR, San Jose, CA. (408) 944-0800.


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