Buck Regulator Gives Li-Ion Cells A Break

Buck Regulator Gives Li-Ion Cells A Break

Promising to extend li-ion battery runtimes, the FAN5365 6-MHz, 800-mA/1A digitally-programmable buck regulator employs dynamic voltage scaling to trim power consumption. The device consumes 40µA of quiescent current in light-load PFM mode. For heavier loads, it automatically switches to a fixed 6-MHz PWM mode, allowing the use of low-cost chip inductors and capacitors. Additionally, the FAN5365 supports up to 800-mA or 1A load currents and also offers a pin-selectable or programmable I2C output voltage, adjustable from 0.75V to 1.975V in 12.5-mV increments. Price is $0.57 each/1,000. FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR, San Jose, CA. (800) 341-0392.

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