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Buck Regulators Hoist Efficiency Bars

Buck Regulators Hoist Efficiency Bars

Claiming an efficiency benchmark at 97%, the LM21212-1 and LM21215 high-current buck regulators integrate high-side and low-side FETs. The LM21212-1 delivers up to 12A of continuous output current with a synchronizeable switching frequency between 300 kHz and 1.5 MHz. The LM21215 employs a fixed 500 kHz switching frequency and delivers up to 15A. Both operate with an input voltage range of 2.95V to 5.5V and produce an output voltage down to 0.6V. A programmable over-current protection function enables specifying peak current levels. Available in 20-pin TSSOPs, prices for the LM21212-1 and LM21215 are $3.85 and $4.15 each/1,000, respectively. A version of the LM21212-1 with adjustable switching frequency will soon be available. NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR CORP., Santa Clara, CA. (800) 272-9959.

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