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µC Supervisor ICs Boast Of Low Supply Current

Two new microprocessor supervisor IC families—the IMP706P/R/S/T/J and IMP708R/S/T/J- feature reset functions for 3V, 3.3V and 4V power supply rails and boast of 30% lower supply current and a 4V supply monitoring option when compared to pin-compatible competitive devices. Maximum supply current is at only 140 µA. The internal watchdog timer can be disabled, a capability needed during system development and debugging. Manual and automatic reset control, watchdog monitoring and a universal power-failure warning are the supervisory features that provide low-cost fault protection for digital systems without additional active components. IMP706 ICs with watchdog timer insure that a µP system starts in a know state during power-up and after a brownout condition. IMP708 has the same threshold voltage options as the IMP706 but does not have a watchdog timer. All devices have a manual reset input that can be connected to a switch for manual reset or to host logic for program-activated reset. The devices are available in 8-pin SO, DIP and MicroSO packaging.

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