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CCM PFC Controller Cuts Component Counts

CCM PFC Controller Cuts Component Counts

The FAN6982 CCM PFC controller for 300W to 2kW power supply designs promises to eliminate 54 external components. It achieves near unity with 0.999 of PF at full load and maintains high system efficiency at light load conditions to meet 20% load system efficiency requirements of ENERGY STAR regulations and Climate Savers Computing Initiatives. Other features include brown-out protection (eliminating 12 components), adjustable PFC output (eliminating 17 components), RDY pin for power-on-sequence (eliminating 15 components), 30V operating voltage capability eliminating 10 components), and PFC soft-start (eliminating four components). Pricing for the FAN6982 is $0.69 each/1,000. FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR, San Jose, CA. (800) 341-0392.
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