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Cell Chargers Maximize Capacity, Life And Safety

Pumping up lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries, the MCP7386X charge-management controllers integrate features that promise to deliver full capacity, extend battery life, and increase safety. With an overall system accuracy of ±0.5%, the devices maximize system runtime between charges and ensure that the battery-cell capacity is fully utilized without cycle-life degradation. They specify a typical reverse leakage current of less than 0.4 µA and supply a programmable fast-charge current up to 1.2A, said to be responsible for longer battery life. In terms of safety, each controller includes a charge-safety timer, temperature monitor, and reverse-blocking protection, which allows current from a correctly installed battery to flow to the load and block current flow to a backward-installed battery. The MCP73861 operates from 4.5V to 12V, and the MCP73862 from 8.7V to 12V. Prices are $1.45 and $1.64 each/1,000, respectively. MICROCHIP TECHNOLOGY INC., Chandler, AZ. (888) 628-6247


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