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Chip Developed For Dramatically Simplifying DC/DC Converter Design

Claimed to be the industry’s first device that cost-effectively combines a 200V power MOSFET, PWM controller, and fault protection circuitry on a single CMOS chip, the DPA-Switch is designed specifically for use in dc/dc converters and distributed power architectures (DPAs). The IC is said to be easy to use and eliminates up to 50 external components from the design of typical discrete dc/dc converters. The four device family spans a wide 16V to 75V input voltage range and targets 24V and 48V applications. Using three user-configurable pins, the DPA-Switch can be configured to provide: line sensing (input under-voltage detection/over-voltage shutdown and variable maximum duty cycle); accurate, externally-set current limit; remote on/off; synchronization to an external lower frequency; and a user-selectable 300- or 400-kHz switching frequency. Other built-in features include internal soft-start, cycle skipping at light load for high standby efficiency, and integrated short-circuit/open-loop protection. In addition, all critical parameters have tight temperature and absolute tolerances to simplify design. Pricing for the DPA-Switch family in 1,000 piece quantities ranges from $3.02 each for the 20W DPA423R-TL to $5.47 for the 110W DPA426R-TL. For more information, contact Steve Miceli at POWER INTEGRATIONS INC., San Jose, CA. (408) 414-8821.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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