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Chips Manage Power For PC Products

Representing new SmartOR power management products, the CMPWR025, CMPWR100, CMPWR120 and CMPWR150 chips are targeted at solving power management challenges of many PC and peripheral designs such as Network Interface Cards (NICs), modems, and power supplies. The CMPWR025 is a dual input power switch rated up to 500 mA that provides continuous output from either of two supply inputs and features programmable hysteresis for flexibility. It operates from 3V to 5V with an impedance of 0.2 ohms to ensure minimal voltage drop. The CMPWR100 contains a 200 mA low drop-out regulator and fully integrated switch to provide continuous 3.3V output from either of two supply inputs. The CMPWR120 is rated at 250 mA and the CMPWR150 is rated at 500 mA; both are LDO regulators that provide 3.3V at output and automatically selects an auxiliary power supply via an external PFET switch. These smart devices can sense system power loss and can engage an alternative supply.


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