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Chips Provide Sync Rectification For DC-To-DC Converters

Meeting Intel's Mobile Power Guidelines 2000 specification, IRF7811 and IRF7809 HEXFET power MOSFET chipset for dc-to-dc converters achieves a 90% overall efficiency for the CPU core and peripheral converters recommended in the Intel guidelines. The chipset needs no paralleling devices and offers a small footprint despite current requirements of more than 12A peak. IRF7809 synchronous MOSFET uses an advanced trench process to minimize on-resistance and IRF7811 control MOSFET uses an advanced planar process for low gate charge and efficient high-frequency switching. The firm's CopperStrap interconnect technology provides thermal characteristics that allow high-efficiency heatsinking of the chip. This reportedly reduces junction operating temperatures by 20% compared with conventional packaging. On-resistance for IRF7811 is 9 milliohms at VGS = 4.5V and for IRF7809, 6 milliohms.


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