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Chipsets Enable Efficient Class D Audio Amplifiers

Optimized for the CS44210 Class D power amplifier controller IC from Cirrus Logic, the IRCS Series chipsets include the IRCS801/8102 HEXFET power MOSFETs and IRCS8001 gate driver. The chipset is said to boost efficiency from the industry norm of 50% to 90% or greater, allowing reductions in the size of audio amplifiers by up to a factor of four.A 50W full-bridge circuit requires one CS44210 power amplifier, two IRCS drivers, and four 8101 MOSFETs per channel. A 50W half-bridge circuit will require one power amplifier, one driver IC, and two MOSFETs per channel. Prices for the IRCS 8001, 8101, and 8102 are $3.55, $1.08, and $1.45, respectively, each/10,000.


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