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Circuit Breaker Power-Entry Modules Fit In Tight Spaces

The Series 6135 and 6136 power-entry modules from Schurter Inc. are a combination of appliance inlet and circuit breaker that provide an alternative to fused power-entry modules (see the figure). Both modules are especially suited for applications with high inrush currents and high transient loads. The ability to manually reset the circuit prevents the expense and inconvenience of fuse replacement.

Typical applications include lab equipment, medical devices, fitness equipment, industrial automation equipment, and other systems using automatic winding and coiling devices. The compact 6136 fits in a 1U enclosure, making it ideal for power distribution units used in information technology equipment, communications equipment, instrument cabinets, and network operations centers. The 6135 offers a C14 appliance inlet and the 6136 a C20 inlet, compliant with IEC 60320.

Both versions offer snap-in mounting and are equipped with a thermal positively trip-free release circuit breaker. The 6135 features a two-pole switch with or without one- or two-pole overcurrent protection, while the compact 6136 is offered in one-pole with switch only or switch and overcurrent protection. Current ratings range from 50 mA to 16 A (ENEC) or 20 A (cURus). The rocker is offered lighted or unlighted in various legends and colors.

Pricing starts at about $12.00 each per 100 pieces and varies depending on configuration.

Schurter Inc.


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