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Classic Transformer-Design Text Available Again

THE POWER SOURCES MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION (PSMA) is celebrating its twentieth anniversary by offering hardcopy reprints of a classic text on transformer design for less than a student would have paid for it in college.

If you're an EE who got into the design of magnetics in school, you may have used Nathan Grossner's classic Transformers for Electronic Circuits as a text—or you would have if you're in a certain narrow age bracket. The book only came out in 1983, and it has been out of print for several years.

If you didn't get to use Grossner's text, that's a shame, because it's a complete, onestop guide to transformer and inductor design and applications. It relates analysis, synthesis, and theory to real-world problems. It covers transformers in digital as well as power applications. And, it has sections on transmission-line transformers, hybrid transformers, ferroresonant transformers, flyback converter magnetics, and inductors used in switch-mode power-converter designs.

Now you can buy Transformers for Electronic Circuits—Second Edition directly from PSMA. It originally cost $95, but PSMA is selling it for $75 to non-members or $55 to members. Order directly online at www.psma.com or www.ejbloom.com.

Power Sources Manufacturers Association

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