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CMOS LDO Regulator Offers Ultra-Low Noise

Noise performance of 30 µVRMS with dropout voltage of 150 mV at 150 mA is provided by the MIC5245, a CMOS low-dropout regulator in the IttyBitty SOT-23-5 package. The device contains both P-channel and N-channel MOSFETs in totem-pole configuration, which decreases recovery time during heavy load conditions. This substantially improves the output response to load changes, it’s claimed.In addition, the device’s low quiescent current of 87 µA at full load helps prolong battery life. It also offers very high power supply rejection performance that can be enhanced with the use of ceramic output capacitors, thus providing a very clean and stable output voltage.The MIC5245 regulator is suited for battery-operated equipment where small packages, low noise and low power operation are critical. The device is precisely trimmed to 1% initial tolerance and offers current limit and thermal shutdown.


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