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CMOS Voltage References Sport 0.05% Accuracy In SOT-23 Package

Three families of high-precision series and shunt references are said to offer high accuracy and low temperature coefficients. The LM4130, LM4120 and LM4051 references provide a wide range of voltage and precision options for easy integration into battery-operated and industrial applications. The LM4130 is claimed to be the industry’s first CMOS series voltage reference with 0.05% accuracy and low, 10 ppm/°C temperature coefficient in the SOT-23 package. Supply current is 75 µA. The LM4120 series reference is offered in two grades and seven voltage options and features low reference noise of just 24 µVpk-pk. The LM4050/51 shunt reference draws just 60 µA and offers a tempco of 50 ppm/°C.


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