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CMOS Voltage Regulator/Detector Includes Reset Function

The S-1701 CMOS-based device teams a voltage regulator and detector plus a reset function in either a SOT-23-5 or SOT-89-5 package. Regulator specs include an operating voltage range from 2V to 6.5V, a ripple-rejection ratio of 70 dB, over-current protection, and an output-voltage accuracy of ±1.0%. With an operating voltage range from 0.8V to 6.5V, the detector block provides three time delay settings: no delay, 50 ms, or 100 ms. Output and detection voltages are selectable in 0.1V steps ranging from 1.5V to 5.0V and 1.5V to 5.5V, respectively. Price for the S-1701 is $0.38 each/10,000. For more details, contact Jim Schlumpberger at SEIKO INSTRUMENTS USA INC., Torrance, CA. (310) 517-7884.


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