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Common-Cathode Schottkys Run Cool

A family of high-current Schottky diodes comes housed in a non-isolated, SOT-227B miniBLOC package. The DSS 2x160 family consists of two 160A Schottky diodes connected in a common-cathode configuration and mounted on the copper baseplate of the miniBLOC. Because the diodes are soldered directly to the non-isolated baseplate, they are said to run cooler. Also, the heatsink on which they're mounted can serve as the positive rail for the dc output power supply.The parts include the DSS 2x160-0035A and -0045A, rated at 35V and 45V, respectively. The Schottky diodes have forward voltage drops of 0.73V at 160A/125°C. The DSS 2x160-01A is a 100V device with a 0.80V drop.

Company: IXYS CORP.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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