Compact IGBT Driver Boosts Underpowered Drive Systems

Compact IGBT Driver Boosts Underpowered Drive Systems

The AEC-Q100-qualified AUIR08152S gate drive IC from International Rectifier features output current in excess of 10 A from a compact SO8 package. Its buffer gate driver enables the use of any standard low-current gate driver, optocoupler, or CMOS isolator to drive large insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) or MOSFETs in switching applications and efficiently boosts any low or under-powered gate drive into a high-current drive system. The AUIR08152S also can replace up to 10 discrete components, says IR.

The device’s very low output impedance and power losses permit operation in harsh and high-temperature environments. Its negative Vgs driving and continuous on-state capability are the result of an integrated PMOS output in parallel to the high-side pull-up NMOS. The OUTH and OUTL separated outputs allow selection of two different external resistors for charging and discharging the gate essential for controlling electromagnetic interference (EMI) and CdV/dT effect in high-power motor driver and switch-mode power supply applications.



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