Electronic Design

Compact Modules Reduce Component Count

IR_PowIRaudio-AThe PowIRaudio family of integrated power modules has been developed by International Rectifier for high performance home theater systems and car audio amplifiers. The new devices integrate a PWM controller and two digital audio power MOSFETs in a single compact package that reduces component count, shrinks PCB size up to 70 percent and simplifies Class D amplifier design. The combination of an advanced audio controller IC with MOSFETs optimized for audio performance results in improved efficiency, THD, and EMI, allowing the IR43xxM family to operate without a mechanical heatsink over a wide power supply range on either a single or split power supply. The single channel IR4301M and dual channel IR4302M offer the flexibility and convenience of building stereo amplifier and multi-channel designs in various channel configurations, while the devices’ 5x6 mm and 7x7 mm PQFN packages enhance the utilization of a smaller size of Class D topology. Available immediately, pricing for the MSL2 industrial-qualified and RoHS compliant IR43xxM begins at $2.00 each/10,000.

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