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Compact Switching Power Supply Offers Adjustable Quad Output

The LPQ142 low-power switching supply features user adjustability on three of its four available output voltages, one with a range of ±3.3 to 25 V. It targets low-profile applications that require tightly regulated, low-output-ripple, quad dc power. Active power-factor-correction yields compliance with EN61000-3-2 requirements for input-current harmonic content. Also, the LPQ142 is usable on an international scale thanks to its wide universal voltage range (85 to 264 V ac and 120 to 300 V dc) and frequency range (47 to 63 Hz). With a power density rating of 3.45 W/in.3, the 1.5-in. tall unit is 1U-rack ready. It operates at an efficient 75% while delivering a full load. The main output, which has an adjustability range of 3.3 to 5.5 V, also features single-wire current sharing. With 30 CFM of forced air across an open-faced unit, the LPQ142 delivers a full 145 W of output power to its loads. It can be configured for lengthwise or crosswise airflow, giving layouts added flexibility. The unit can also be convectively cooled, and an optional cover is available for the chassis. The LPQ142's built-in Class B electromagnetic-interference (EMI) filter meets most industry-standard noise and immunity requirements when properly mounted and grounded within an approved equipment chassis. Pricing for the LPQ142 supply starts at $129 each in OEM quantities.

Astec Power
www.astecpower.com; (888) 41-ASTEC

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