Configurable Switch-Mode Power Supplies Claim 50% Thermal-Load Reduction

Configurable Switch-Mode Power Supplies Claim 50% Thermal-Load Reduction

With efficiency levels reaching up to 92%, Powerstax claims its Multistax Premium family of configurable switch-mode power supplies reduce the thermal load on the system into which they’re placed by more than 50% versus similar products. Their 16-W/in.3 power density is derived from a combinations of planar magnetics, surface-mount packaging, and proprietary low-low transformer technologies. Power output ranges from 400 to 1200 W; standard output voltages range from 1.5 to 58 V. All outputs are fully floating; they can be brought together in series or parallel (as well as series-to-parallel) arrangements. The supplies’ plug-and-play architecture consists of front-end power units and slide-in output converter modules to facilitate configuration. Two chassis versions are available: four slot, 600 W rated and six slot, 1200 W rated. Slots can be populated with multiple power modules to meet specific voltage and current combination requirements. The 11 members of the Multistax family come in 1U-high (40 mm) packages with up to 12 isolated outputs. Operating temperature ranges from ‒40 to +70°C.


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