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Controller-IC And Power-Module Lines Ease Power-Over-Ethernet Designs

A family of versatile IC power controllers and a plug-in power-supply family from Texas Instruments promise to reduce the design time and ease implementation of Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) industrial and commercial devices. The TPS2375 power-interface controller ICs target high-volume power-dissipation applications. The PTB48540 power modules fit low-volume and specialized applications.

These devices will find use in wireless local-area-network (WLAN) access points, IP phones, security, and point-of-sale terminals. Both families fully comply with the IEEE 802.3af specification.

The TPS2375 linear biCMOS SOIC controllers boast a low switch RDSON of 1.0 (omega) and a maximum VDS of 100 V. Other features include programmable in-rush current control, a fixed 450-mA current limit, fixed and adjustable undervoltage-lockout options, open-drain power-good reporting, and overtemperature protection. Available in eight-pin SOIC and TSSOP packages, they operate from −40°C to 85°C.

Designers who want to reduce time-to-market should check out the PTB48540 line. These 9-mm high modules provide an isolated low-voltage power source to remote power devices in PoE applications. They have an input range of 36 to 57 V, a 10-W output, and 85% efficiency. Also, they sport output-voltage trimming and adjustability, undervoltage lockout, an input transient suppressor, an internal electromagnetic-interference filter, output on/off control, short-circuit protection, overtemperature shutdown, and 1500-V dc isolation. They meet FFC Class B radiation standards. And, they're available with 3.3-, 5-, or 12-V outputs.

In 1000-piece quantities, the TPS2375s cost $1.25 each and the PTB28540s are $26 each.

Texas Instruments Inc.

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