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Image courtesy of Thinkstock

Image courtesy of Thinkstock.

Controller Platform Mitigates Wasted Kilowatt-Hours

Coupled with the surge in mobile phones, tablets, and computers is the fact that more of these devices are being left plugged into the wall, wasting billions of kilowatt-hours per year. A new solution hopes to cut that wasted power to zero, which could save more than 200 million gallons of oil in a year. The energy-efficient platform is designed with a power-management architecture to achieve zero no-load power consumption and dynamic load regulation.

Designed in partnership with STMicroelectronics and Flextronics, the highly integrated platform—built on the STCH01 controller—suits high-power-density smartphone and tablet adapters. The STCH01 embeds a controller and two power FETs, and is used in conjunction with the STWK01 no-load wakeup controller.

The STCH01 leverages a power-conversion topology to maximize efficiency and shrink the size of the power transformer by 30% compared to previous flyback solutions. Low electromagnetic emissions are further reduced using the IC’s intelligent jitter function. It comes equipped with a full set of protections to ensure more reliable designs with minimal external components.

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