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Controllers Offer High Efficiency

Controllers Offer High Efficiency

APEC 2010 – Targeting ac/dc-adapter apps, the NCP1237, NCP1238, and NCP1288 fixed-frequency, current-mode controllers are available in a choice of frequency options with single- or dual-level over-current thresholds. A standard device integrates a 65-kHz oscillator with 100 kHz and 133 kHz versions available upon request. Other features include a proprietary Soft Skip mode, a frequency fold-back function, Dynamic Self Supply function (NCP1237 and NCP1238), brown-out, over-power, and ramp compensation, an operational temperature range of -40°C to +125°C, and compact SOIC-7 packages. ON SEMICONDUCTOR, Phoenix, AZ. (800) 282-9855.
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