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Converters Step Down 48V Telecommunication Power

Targeted at the telecomm mart, these non-encapsulated, 48V, 2:1 input range (36V to 75V) dc-to-dc converters come in industry-standard sizes and pinouts with a Bellcore MTBF of greater than 1.7 million hours. Designated AA25N, AA30N and AA40M and rated at 25W, 30W and 40W, respectively, the converters come in a choice of 3.3V, 5V or 12V outputs. AA30N and AA40M have remote sensing to automatically adjust for voltage losses. The AA25N and AA40M are available with one standard pinout configuration, while AA30N offers a choice of two industry-standard configurations. The AA40M is available with an optional integrated heatsink for extended temperature operation.

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