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Cost-Effective Power Modules Target Low-Power Motor Drives

Cost-Effective Power Modules Target Low-Power Motor Drives

International Rectifier leveraged industry-standard footprints and processes compatible with various printed-circuit board (PCB) substrates to create the µIPM-DIP family of compact integrated power modules (IPMs). The 32-device family, packaged in 12- by 29-mm SOPs/DIPs, feature high-voltage FredFET MOSFETs optimized for variable frequency drives with 250- or 500-V voltage ratings. The devices are paired with the company’s advanced high-voltage driver IC to achieve balanced between electromagnetic interference (EMI) and switching losses. Their dc current ratings range up to 4.6 A to drive motors up to 150 W without a heatsink. Through-hole and surface-mount package options are available. Specific motor-drive applications include fans, pumps, air purifiers, and refrigerator compressor drives.


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