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Current-Sense Amp Addresses 70V Apps

Current-Sense Amp Addresses 70V Apps

Providing a wide-input, common-mode voltage range for applications up to 70V, the TSC103 current-sensing amplifier promises to simplify design by connecting directly to power-supply lines at high voltages. The device accepts a common-mode input from 2.9V up to 70V, a range that can also be set from -2.1V to 65V in dual-supply configurations. The output is proportional to the measured current and can be connected directly to the analog input of a microcontroller. Other features include selectable output gains of 20V/V, 25V/V, 50V/V, and 100V/V, a maximum current consumption of 360 mA, and the ability to withstand reverse-battery and load-dump conditions. The TSC103 and the TSC1031 are available in SO8 and TSSOP8 packages, priced at $0.96 each for industrial-grade samples and $1.12 for automotive-grade. Alternative pricing is available for larger quantities. STMICROELECTRONICS, Lexington, MA. (888) 787-3550.


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