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Customizable Bearing Load Cells Provide Tension Control

Customizable Bearing Load Cells Provide Tension Control

The SS6000 series consists of a range of fully customizable shear strain gauge load cells designed to directly integrate with new or existing roll bearing systems. Tailored for high-precision force measurements within demanding web tension applications, their design incorporates precision transducer quality bonded strain gauges as their primary transduction element. The transducers are compensated for the effects of temperature on zero output and sensitivity with minimal deflection and high resonant frequency.  The sensors are machined from stainless steel and are available in ranges from ±2,000 to ±5,000 kg (4,400 to 11,000 lbf) with a 2-mV/V output. Additionally, the cylindrical end shape of the SS6000 series allows bearings to mount directly to the load cell. Sherborne Sensors Inc., Wyckoff, NJ. (877) 486-1766.


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