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DC-DC Converter IP Blocks For 0.18 µm Integrate Precisely Trimmed Reference Voltage

Four dc-dc converter intellectual-property (IP) cores from LTRIM Technologies with precisely trimmed voltage references made their debut at June's Design Automation Conference in Anaheim.

Previously, the company had introduced cores for three charge pumps, two low-dropout regulators, and a current regulator. In both old and new products, the laser-trimmed voltage reference is the key differentiator. To achieve resistor and transistor matching in the reference without disturbing the process flow, LTRIM Technologies controls the dopant concentration profile in standard diffused resistors with laser heating.

The LTR2250-T18 step-up IP block provides a 0.9- to 1.7-V input voltage range for single-battery applications. The LTR2200-T18 step-up IP block offers a 1.1- to 3.3-V input voltage range for dual-battery devices. Both feature internal 500-mV voltage references, soft-start control, and fault detection.

These blocks are designed to extend battery life in portable devices. They permit the use of small surface-mount inductors and ceramic capacitors without requiring the use of Schottky diodes. Both are available in TSMC's and SMIC's 0.18-µm technologies.

The LTR2100-T18 buck converter block and the LTR2400-T18 buck/boost block provide 1.8-V output with a guaranteed 100-mA output. Both feature very low quiescent and shutdown current specifications, fast response times, and low output ripple. They're available in TSMC's 0.18-µm technology.

LTRIM Technologies

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