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DC-DC Converters Deliver High Efficiency At Low Cost

Operating from a 5-V input, the V7PB-06B nonisolated dc-dc converters generate 6 A of 1.5-, 2.5-, or 3.3-V output with up to 94% efficiency. Priced just under $8, these 2.16- by 0.55-in. SIP modules are becoming more competitive with IC-based converter designs.

A 6-A single-chip dc-dc converter with lower efficiency would cost about $5. Other, multichip alternatives may offer comparable efficiency for just a few dollars. But they'll require greater development effort than a functionally complete V7PB-06B module.

V7PB-06B converters operate with no derating up to 70°C. They include protection features, remote on/off control, and optional remote sensing. Pricing is $7.85 each per 10,000-unit lots, with four- to six-week delivery. Samples are available.

Bel Fuse Inc., www.belfuse.com/DBObject/BP01V7PB-06B.pdf; (800) BELFUSE.

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