Electronic Design

DC/DC Controllers Use Gate Drive Signal Shaping

To reduce EMI and increase efficiency, the AS12xx series single-input and single-output dc/dc controllers employ gate-drive signal shaping and are configurable for flyback, forward, boost or buck power topologies. Delivering an output up to 100W, the devices’ current-mode architecture accepts input voltages from 8.5V to 57V. Specifying efficiencies beyond 92%, the AS1228, AS1230, AS1257 and AS1260 integrate ESD and thermal protection, 100 kHz to 500 kHz programmable PWM operation, and programmable soft-start. Available in 5 mm x 5 mm, 20-lead QFN packages, pricing is $1.05 each/1,000. AKROS SILICON, Folsom, CA. (916) 351-8100.

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