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DC/DC Converters Supply Non-Standard Output Voltages

A series of one-watt, single- and dual-output dc/dc converters is designed to provide non-standard output voltages and isolation for 5V digital systems. Designated the SLC Series, the converters are housed in a compact 0.77" x 0.40" x 0.27" single in-line package. Single-output models provide semi-regulated outputs of 5, 6.5, 7, 12, 14, 15, 17 or 24V, while dual-output models provide ±5, ±7, ±12, ±14, ±15 or ±17V. The input range for both types of converters is ±10%, reflected ripple is typically 65 mAp-p, and efficiencies run as high as 78%. Other parameters include a switching frequency of 165 kHz, input-to-output isolation of 750 Vdc, and output noise as low as 30 mVp-p. Output load regulation is 4% for 75% to 100% of full rated load, and line regulation is typically 3%. Price for the SLC converters is $8.75 each/10,000. CALEX MANUFACTURING CO. INC., Concord, CA. (800) 542-3355.


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