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DC/DC IP Blocks Pump Up Battery Life

Meeting demands for longer battery life, the LTR2250-T18 and the LTR2200-T18 step-up, dc/dc converter IP blocks promise both high efficiency and performance. The LTR2250-T18 provides a 0.9V to 1.7V input voltage range for single-battery applications, while the LTR2200-T18 accommodates an input range from 1.1V to 3.3V for dual-battery devices. Both feature low quiescent and shutdown currents, fast response times, and low output ripple. Other shared features include 500 mV reference voltages, soft-start control, fault detection, and an architecture that allows the use of small surface-mount inductors and ceramic capacitors, without the need for Schottky diodes. LTRIM TECHNOLOGIES, Quebec, Canada. (866) 685-8746.


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