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DC/DC Power Manager Delivers Eight Outputs

DC/DC Power Manager Delivers Eight Outputs

The SMB109 dc/dc power manager promises to simplify complex power designs by integrating multiple outputs with digital power management/monitoring and non-volatile system configuration. In addition to eight outputs, the device integrates three buck controllers, one LDO controller, and four load switch controllers with an I2C interface. The current-mode buck controllers accept inputs from +4.5V to +28V and the output voltage is digitally programmable from +0.5V to +5V, or higher with external resistor divider, in 10-mV steps with 1% regulation accuracy. Depending on the output MOSFET’s used each buck output can support over 20A continuous output current.  Switching frequency is programmable from 300 kHz to 1,200 kHz while the three buck outputs are interleaved by 120° to reduce current ripple and noise. Pulse skipping mode is supported with fixed frequency PWM override. The LDO controller manages an external N channel MOSFET up to 5A+ and also has a programmable output voltage of +0.5V to +5V. Available in a 56-pad QFN measuring 7 mm x 7 mm, price for the SMB109 is $3.50 each/10,000. SUMMIT MICROELECTRONICS, Sunnyvale, CA. (408) 523-1000.

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