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Devices Control USB-Hub Power

Representing a fully USB-compliant power management solution for self-powered USB hubs, the UCC3831 and UCC38531 ICs offer four separately regulated 5V port power outlets capable of delivering 500 mA each, thus providing a single-chip solution for most hub power applications. Separate enable and status lines for each port output are directly connected to the µC allowing individual control of each port. These devices provide a 3.3V output for local power, supplying up to 100 mA to a USB hub µC or other support circuits. These units can deliver the necessary drive current to satisfy USB devices, and also provide short-circuit and over-temperature protection to ensure reliable operation without external circuits. The UCC38531 through-hole device operates from a regulated 5.5V supply, and the UCC3831 SMT device includes an LDO preregulator to allow operation from a loosely regulated supply.


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